About SGR
SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish composer and sound artist working in electronic music. She has a broad performance and production background: live music performances, multichannel recording, multi channel installation, multi channel live performances, exhibition works, commissioned productions, dance/performance art, video game music and sound design, studio work, releases, remixes, compositions for theatre, 3D audio walks, art films.

SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish composer, performer and sound artist. She creates  genre-defying electronic music, sound installations and stage performances. She has been awarded several times for her music, significantly a BAFTA nomination for her work on the multi award winning video game INSIDE.  She has a broad performance and production background: compositions for dance, performance art and theatre, studio productions, multichannel installations and exhibition works, video games, film, commissioned productions, audio walks and live concert performances.

Since appearing on Objekt’s Boiler Room in 2014, she’s become known for delivering music of uncompromising intensity. Latest Aphex Twin curated her to perform at the Warehouse Project opening in Manchester. Touring all over the world to perform at festivals, clubs, museums, galleries, cinemas and churches to more unconventional contexts like an underwater reservoir, a running metro train, a planetarium or an old industrial ship allows SØS to expand on her abstract interpretations of the relationship between rhythm and space, with the bodies inside being fortunate enough to experience this transformative physical power of her sound.

Recent highlights for SØS Gunver Ryberg have include appearances at Aphex Twin curates, Berghain, Tresor, Nuit Sonores, Roskilde Festival, Atonal, Boiler Room, CTM Festival, Corsica Studios,  Flow Festival, EKKO, Rewire, Today’s art and more.

Her characteristic style is recognized for challenging your state of consciousness by transformative music experiences with insistent rhythms, combined with a meticulous exploration of textures and timbres. Raw sounds created from synthesis and processed field recordings are framed by symphonic forms and create a unique expressivity.

This last year she has also created the immersive quadrophonic installation ‘WHITE SUN’, composed all music and sound textures  for the Danish film ‘Cutterhead’ by director Rasmus Kloster Bro premiered in March 2019 (Won Best Music Creation at Film Festival Premiers Plans in France) and composed spatial music for the AR experience ‘Eurydike’ – an art installation/music theater/real life game by director Evelyn Hribersek.

Her work is often site specific and explores the relation to the actual performed acoustics of the space, including compositions for The Royal Library 12 channel speaker system in Copenhagen, a 6 channel installation/concert in an defunct underground water reservoir with a reverberation of 17 sec and quadrofonic concert in the Wintergarden at Glytoteket in Copenhagen. Her commissions for theatre have included original scores for the Luzerne Theatre in Switzerland and Deutsche Theatre in Berlin.


Premiers Plans, French Film Festival in D’Angers – Best Music Prize Cutterhead 2019
Emotional Game Awards – Best Emotinal Music Inside 2017
SPILPRISEN – Best Sound Design Inside 2017
The Edge Awards – Best Audio Design Inside 2016
Game Developers Choice Awards – Best Audio Inside 2016
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond  – Music to Inside 2016
Danish Composers’ Society’s prize 2011
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond 2011
BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Televison) – best Music Inside 2017
DDJA – AFTRYK Danish Album of the year 2017
SPILPRISEN – Best Sound Design THOTH 2017
The Games Awards – Music and Sound design Inside 2016
Golden Joystick Awards – Best audio Inside 2016
Independent Games Festival – Excellence in Audio Inside 2016
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences D.I.C.E. Awards – Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Inside 2016



Performed and exhibited at different locations, selection:
Issue Project Room – NY, Diapason Gallery – NY, Hemisferio Festival – Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul Biennale, Six d.o.g.s – Athens, Sonic Acts – Amsterdam, Le Zoo – Geneva, RadialSystem V – Berlin, ATONAL Festival – Berlin, Berghain – Berlin, CTM festival – Berlin, TRESOR Club – Berlin, Corsica Studios – London, Contort Urban Spree – Berlin, Roten Salon Volksbühne – Berlin, BOILER ROOM – Berlin, IPSE – Berlin, Norberg Festival – Sweden, Electro Mechanica – Skt. Petersburg, California Institute of the Arts – LA, Today’s Art Festival- Hague, Lunchmeat festival -Prague, Real Deal Festival – Vienna, Klangspuren Festival – Austria, Schwankhalle – Bremen, Sound of Stockholm, Kegelbahn – Luzerne, Edinburgh Science Festival, Intonal Festival – Malmø, Sonic Arts – Amsterdam, Le zoo – Geneva, Fylkingen – Stockholm, SMart Multimedia Festival – Michigan, Stockholm Cultural Festival, The Danish Ministry of Culture, The Danish Royal Library ‘The Black Diamond’, STRØM Electronic Music Festival – Cph. Jazzhouse – Cph. Phono Festival – Odense, Lak Festival for Nordic Sound Art – Cph. Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Wundergrund Festival – Cph. Klang Avantgarde Music Festival – Cph. Charlottenborg exhibition hall in Cph. Nikolaj Exhibition Hall – Cph. Århus Kunsthal, Dansescenen – Cph. Museum Of Comtemporary Art – DK, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art – Cph. The Planetarium – Cph