About SGR
SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish composer and sound artist working in electronic music. She has a broad performance and production background: live music performances, multichannel recording, multi channel installation, multi channel live performances, exhibition works, commissioned productions, dance/performance art, video game music and sound design, studio work, releases, remixes, compositions for theatre, 3D audio walks, art films.

Video: 09.26 min. Audio: 16.44 min.

The work uses a polyrhythmic relationship between sound and image, so sound and image shift and give the audience a new experience when visiting the work again.

Composition, spatialization, performer, film editing and concept : SØS Gunver Ryberg

Scenography for installation, visuel concept for video material : Nathalie Mellbye

Direction, work method and concept: Anja Behrens

Thanks to:
Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll: Cinematographer
Ada Wesołowska : Light and camera assistent
Sune Petersen : Projection consultant and programming of the installations playback.
Cristian Vogel : Technical support spatial sound
Flux:: sound and picture development Flux Spat Revolution
SPOR Festival
The Danish Arts Foundation

Evelyn Hriberšek Artistic Direction. Creative Direction. Experience Design.


SØS Gunver Ryberg Spatial Sound Composition.

Christopher Grouls Visual Arts & Graphics.

Denise Fleckenstein. Evelyn Hriberšek Costume Design.

Nikolaus Völzow Software.

Evelyn Hriberšek. schæfer& sœhne Production.