About SGR
SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish composer and sound artist working in electronic music. She has a broad performance and production background: live music performances, multichannel recording, multi channel installation, multi channel live performances, exhibition works, commissioned productions, dance/performance art, video game music and sound design, studio work, releases, remixes, compositions for theatre, 3D audio walks, art films.
22nd of January_The village Underground_London_UK
2nd of February CTM Festival A2_DE
4th of February talk/workshop Beats by girls_DK
18th of February Jazzfestival_Copenhagen_DK
7 th of May Aarhus Symphony Orchestra _Musikhuset_Aarhus_DK
7th of July Norberg Festival_SE
12th of August T31 Festival Kraftwerk Berlin_DE
25th of August Melancholia, Aarhus Theater
23rd of September Das Werk_Vienna
1st of November Nordic Council Award show, Helsinki_FI
4th of November Uppsala Konsert & Kongress_SE
22nd of November Aarhus Symphony Orchestra – Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl – Nielsen Honorary Award  – Composer 2022
January till Nov – Installation Maritime Museum of Denmark, Helsingør
August till September Zurich Interactive Installation Richter Museum
10th September Alice, Concert with transducer walls
11th September SPOR Festival, Radar,
11-12th October Vibrant Matter, Live Performance, Koncertkirken
22th October Proton, Pumpehuset
30th October EKKO Festival, Bergen – Commission “Resist this change is to resist the essence of existence”
18th November Soundtrack Cologne – Talk
10th December Intonal – Commission “Resist this change is to resist the essence of existence”
6th Jan – 31st of January Futura X – Performance on stage, Copenhagen
8th February Berlin Philharmonie, STROM Festival
DK TOUR February Remix Project – 6 venues in DK
24th February Harpa Film Prize
11-20th June Anonymous Mesh – Dance Performance, Choreographer Tina Tarpgaard
12th August Strøm Festival
24th August Carl Prize show
29th of August, Radar, Denmark
14-17th October Vibrant Matter, cph volume,Performance, Choreographer Sophia Mage
26th November Århus Musikhus
8th February Kisloty, St. Petersborg, Russia
9th February Inversia Audio Visual Festival, Murmansk, Russia
10th May Forbrændingen Audio Visual Concert, DK
24th July Krake Festival, Berlin
9th August Strøm Festival, Copenhagen
31st August Berlin Atonal Festival, Berlin
7th September Århus Festuge, DK
20th September, Warehouse Project …..APHEX TWIN invites, Manchester
20th September premiere at Royal Theater ‘Symposion’ Platon
05th October ‘Proxy’ premiere dance performance at Norrdans, Sweden – with tour
12th October Acusmatic Concert, Malmø, Sweden
19th October ADE, Amsterdam, Holland
5th November Concerthall DR, Copenhagen
22nd November Le Zoo, Switzerland
14th December, Ved siden af, Copenhagen
27th January, Pumpehuset, Cph, coll. with Bjørn Svin
30th March, Platform 4, Aalborg, coll. with Bjørn Svin
28th April, Radial system V, F(t) Festival,  Berlin 
3rd May, Spaniens 19 c, Spor Festival, Installation, “White Sun”, Århus, DK
12th May, Nuits Sonores, Lyon, France
19th May, Click Festival, Helsingør, DK
26th May, Transmetro, Cph.
1st June, Klang Festival, with Copenhagen Pianoquartet
16th June Radar, Århus, DK
22nd June Klub Føniks, Oslo, Norway
21st July Visio Festival Helsinki
4th August ADE, KATHARSIS, Amsterdam
25th August Oscillate, Berlin
27th August ‘Death to Truth of Beauty’ – 23 September. Performance on stage, Copenhagen
29th September Inkonst, Malmø
27th October Semibreve, Portugal
02nd November Innsbruck, Austria, P.M.K. 
16th Nov Backslash Festival, Zurich
23rd Nov Herrensauna, Tresor, Berlin
24th Nov Szpitalna 1, Krakow, Poland
21st January Premiere Theater Betty Nansen ‘Det Sorte Vand’ Copenhagen
3rd February Berghain CTM Festival Berlin
10th February Leipzig
25th February Inkonst Malmø
4th March Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria
18th March Trauma, Madrid
1st April Rewire Festival, Haag, Netherlands
16th April Danish Deejay Awards, Copenhagen
4th May – France, Montpellier with Death In Vegas
5th May – France, Perpignan with Death In Vegas
6th May Syncussion Festival (duo with percussionist) Radial System V, Berlin
19th May Corsica Studios, CS13, London
3rd June Riga, Latvia
16th June Radar, aarhus, DK
30th June Roskilde Festival, Guest Artist Orange stage, DK
26th July Krake / Lunchmeat showcase, Berlin
12th August Flow Festival, Helsinki
13th August Flow Festival, Ambient set, Helsinki
9th September, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, Netherlands
10th September Enschede, Netherlands
14th September, Enigma, Installation Restart Refrain, Cph. DK
22nd September, Copenhagen Contemporary, Cph, DK
5Th October Budapest
7th October Salzburg
10th October Premiere EURYDIKE, Installation,VR experience, Munich, Germany
27th October Tromsø, Norway
28th October EKKO Festival, Bergen, Norway
17th November, Inscape, Liquid Club Malta
2nd December Radar, Århus, DK
Fall/Winter 2016
DE_Berlin_Berghain_11th of December_Berghain Birthday_Ambient
DK_Copenhagen_4th of December_STOF #4
UK_London_26th of November_CS13_CONTORT night.
Stockholm_11th of November_ Sound of Stockholm Festival.
Prag_14h of October_Lunchmeat
NL_Haag_24th of September – Today’s art festival. 
CH_Luzern_Premiere Ødipus Stadt_Lucerne Theater_16th of September.
CH_Luzern_Concert_2nd of September_Club KegalBahn.
DK_Copenhagen_STRØM Festival_8th of August_Cisternerne.
FI, Hensinki 29th of July_Kaiku Club_RA in residency.
Austria; Vienna Real Deal Festival 1st of July.
DE, Berlin TRESOR 19th of June. RBMA.