« The core of my work is an exploration of the essence of existence.
Music is not entertainment for me, but a necessity.
Our times, the problems and complexity of the individual are reflected in my works » 

SØS Gunver Ryberg

Sound Artist
Live Performer

Concerts. Recording.
Video Games. Film.
Multichannel. Sound Installations. 
3D Audiowalks. Sound Sculpture.
Theater. Dance. Performance.  
Opera. Orchestral.

 VR. AR. 

An Arterial Music

Design and animation DEFASTEN


Released on ARTERIAL Recordings

We have the power to shape the future.
Creating a sustainable future is not only a goal but a way of being, where we are in
tune with ourselves and nature, recognizing our interconnectedness with everything.
I believe that listening to and connecting with our sensuous being is a way to reach this state.
We are in existential urgency of finding new ways and solutions to our challenges.
The album is a step towards new visions and explorations through experimentations.


  • Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl - Nielsen Honorary Award -Composer 2022
  • H.C. Lumbye Award - Composer 2021
  • Carl Prize, Score - Cutterhead Composer of the year 2020
  • Premiers Plans, French Film Festival in D'Angers - Best Music Prize Cutterhead 2019
  • Emotional Game Awards - Best Emotional Music Inside 2017
  • SPILPRISEN - Best Sound Design Inside 2017
  • The Edge Awards - Best Audio Design Inside 2016
  • Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Audio Inside 2016
  • The Danish Art Agency - Music to Inside 2016
  • Danish Composers' Society's prize 2011
  • The Danish Art Agency - Music to Wilhelm Tell 2011


  • The Nordic Council Music Prize - WHYT 030 2022
  • Steppeulven - Danish music critic's award - Composer of the year 2021
  • The Camille Awards - European Film composer awards - Cutterhead 2021
  • Robert Award - Score of Year Cutterhead 2020
  • BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Televison) - best Music Inside 2017
  • DDJA - AFTRYK Danish Album of the year 2017
  • SPILPRISEN - Best Sound Design THOTH 2017
  • The Games Awards - Music and Sound design Inside 2016
  • Golden Joystick Awards - Best audio Inside 2016
  • Independent Games Festival - Excellence in Audio Inside 2016
  • Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences D.I.C.E. Awards - Outstanding Achievement
  •  in Sound Design Inside 2016